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This is due to the epansion of brand awareness and. The acquisition of an increasing number of new users, creating the so-call free organic traffic. This, in turn, is calculat on the basis of the number of visits to the wsite after entering a specific password, phrase, word in the search engine. To sum up – it grows when phrases are. Plac in the highest possible position on the search list, while contributing to the company’s noticeable increase in revenue over the months. Wsite positioning is important What is the difference between SEO and wsite positioning.

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Contrary to appearances, SEO is not the same as wsite positioning. Although the concepts can be consider the same. There is an important France Mobile Number List difference between them. As it was emphasiz at the beginning, SEO can be call in other words wsite optimization. This, in turn, is only one of many elements of the broadly understood positioning process. The easiest way to illustrate this is on the basis of a tree, where positioning is its trunk, the base part, and optimization is only one of its larger branches. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that proper and, above all, effective wsite positioning should be support by appropriate SEO activities within the wsite.

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Recommend by a specialist in this field. According to another theory, wsite positioning and SEO are two different but closely relat USB Directory branches, where one is directly responsible for changes made on the wsite, and the other outside it. Due to the type, optimization is divid into two parts. The first one consists in performing various activities within the technical aspect of the wsite, which includes, among others, improving the structure of the portal, interfering with the code, layout, template, optimizing meta tags and internal linking.