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The second one is to work with the content on the basis. Of which the indeing robots will be properly direct. In the case of general wsite positioning, there are definitely more activities that can affect the position of the wsite. An ecellent eample is, for eample, link building . The main differences between on-site SEO and off-site SEO Currently. You can also meet the statement that SEO optimization consists of on-site activities, and positioning – off-site activities. what are they? Simply put, on-site SEO is the work done directly on the wsite, while off-site SEO is outside of it.

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If you want to be rank as high as possible in a search engine. It is worth taking care of both, as they perfectly complement each other and in. Combination can bring really spectacular results. One of the main optimization tasks carri out within Germany Mobile Number List the wsite is the development of an SEO strategy. It primarily defines activities consisting in effective copywriting and content marketing , creating optimiz content for keywords and phrases select on the basis of a thorough analysis and their user-friendly publication, creating the correct information architecture category descriptions, meta tags , structure of headers, URL addresses, content, no duplication, appropriate presentation, images, links, ensuring no technical errors and optimizing the source code.

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In the case of off-site activities, the main role is play primarily by the process of obtaining links, the so-call. linkbuilding. One of its most important aspects is adding a variety of entries in press studs company directories, advertising portals, internet forums, as well as articles in carefully select, trust wsites, allowing you to obtain good USB Directory quality, strong links affecting the position of the page indicat in them. It is important that this type of activity is carefully plann, looks natural and is carri out systematically, because Internet robots, by finding various mentions of the wsite, will allow for its better visibility on the w, thus increasing Google’s trust in it.