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However, if you want to evaluate each link more precisely, it is worth choosing the heavy option. Of course, it involves a longer waiting time for results, but the tool analyzes links quickly. Of course, we do not recommend relying solely on the assessment of links by tools. It is also worth evaluating each link yourself – especially those that have been indicat by the tool as bad and of mium quality. The ideal scenario is to check the links with a tool and your own subjective scale. How to remove toxic links leading to the page? There are two ways to get rid of bad quality links.

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The first is to write to the administrator of a given website with a request to remove the link leading to our website. The second, final way is to report it to the special Google Disavow Tool. Disavow Tool is a tool in which we upload a file with links or Greece Mobile Number List domains that are to be ignor by Google’s algorithms. We prepare the file in notepad and upload it in this format. How to prepare such a file? One row is one URL or domain you want to relinquish. To relinquish a domain (or subdomain), we add “domain:” at the very beginning, for example: domain:domain The file must be a text file.

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The file name must end in , just like a normal notepad file. The maximum URL length is characters You can add comments using  at the beginning USB Directory and end. It’s a good idea to include a date when we disclaim links. Disavowing toxic links In addition, remember that each file upload overwrites the previous file, so when adding additional URLs to the disclaimer, you must update the existing file. Of course, if the file has already been upload, we can download the existing file.