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E-commerce – how to start? Still wondering if e-commerce. Is the right way for your business. So let’s get some data first. The “E-commerce” report from january published by interaktywnie. Indicates that in poles spent a total of over pln billion on online shopping. Meanwhile, it is estimated that the global e-commerce market will be worth over $ trillion in . The same report shows that the interest in online shopping is constantly growing, and the average polish resident spends on average over pln on clothing and footwear every month.

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In turn, mediapanel research from december shows that the number of internet users in our country has reached . million! Thus, the upward trend will Belgium Mobile Number List be maintained, and digital market outlook experts estimate that in the e-commerce market in poland will reach the value of usd . billion. First steps that is why it is worth considering joining the e-commerce market today to increase your profits. How to start? It’s easy! First of all, start with a competitor analysis, especially if you sell in such popular sectors as technology and computers, home appliances, interior decoration, gardening, automotive, clothing, beauty and health.

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How To Set Marketing Goals

Determine what advantage your products or services have, and prepare an appropriate strategy – something like a traditional business plan (what is your initial budget, what solutions are you interested in, to whom do you want to sell). With an original and unique product, add an analysis of its functionality for which the recipients USB Directory will love it. Remember that online sales involve a specific purchasing path. It is not enough to set up a store and add products to it. Because if you offer something that the recipients do not need (or do not yet know that they need) or do not know what it can be useful for them and how it will meet their needs, even the best product and idea will fail.