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You can choose: widget in the footer or header of the page – thanks to this solution, opinions will be visible on every subpage, the customer will be able to look at them at any time; a separate subpage with an opinion about the store or a slider on the home page – this will allow you to display a dozen or so recent reviews; list of products – here you can show stars for individual products and the average rating. This solution helps undecid buyers to make a decision; Product card reviews can be display next to the “add to cart” button – after clicking on the stars.

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The customer should be able to see detail ratings a separate tab with the content of individual opinions Content – ​​what is it and why is its quality so important? Aleksandra Skindzier February , You will read in ~ min. Content – what is it Content is one Nigeria Mobile Number List of the most important components of your digital marketing efforts. Not only does it help build trust and connect with your audience, but it also acts as fuel for other marketing techniques. It’s the foundation on which you promote your business online, so it’s important to give it the attention it deserves.

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So let’s take a closer look at this concept to understand why… content is a king! What is content? The dictionary definition of “content” is simply “content” or “content”. This means that we will call content all the content visible on the website. These will be not only blog entries and articles, but also descriptions of USB Directory products, categories, offers, guides or manuals. To this basic scope, all brand communication in social mia should be add. What’s more, in recent years the understanding of content has expand significantly and currently content is not only written content, but also graphics, infographics, movies, animations and podcasts.

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