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Therefore, we must ask ourselves whether it is really profitable for us – both in time and financially – to obtain a link to our domain from a given place. If we assume that we have time to obtain a given link from a specific internet forum and we are convinc that our campaign will be effective thanks to obtaining a link from a given domain, then in order to achieve our goal, let’s stick to a few simple rules Do not look for linking immiately after setting up a profile on the forum – a very common mistake is to set up a new profile on a given internet forum and try to add a link to our domain already in the first post we create.

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Such actions are treat as spam and we may expose ourselves not only to rejection of our statement with a link, but also to blocking the entire account. Let’s write in specific topics – here it is worth that our statements on internet forums should be Northeast Mobile Phone Number List consider experts. Example: if you want to get a link from a specializ automotive form, try to post in threads describing your own experiences, using specializ language, using specific examples of our automotive experiences. If our statements are quot, it may immiately be a signal for us that we actually have knowlge on this particular topic.

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We are looking for threads where we can add an alternative link – this method works well if we recommend a specific, alternative product or service from an alternative source. Then we can quote our competitor, at the same time writing that USB Directory we ‘use the services of … (link to our domain) or bought the product. link to our domain). This is an activity that is relat to promoting the competitor’s brand to some extent, but it gives us the opportunity to present our product or service in a given thread using a given link.

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