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However, you should be careful with efficiency measures – TikTok’s algorithms are just learning their users, so the cost of conversion may be much higher. Will pharmacies disappear from price comparison websites? Aleksandra Skindzier December , You will read in ~ min. Will pharmacies disappear from price comparison websites? Although advertising pharmacies is prohibit by law, so far customers have been able to compare prices on popular comparison websites, such as Ceneo. Recently, the Supreme Administrative Court issu a judgment that calls into question the continu presence of online pharmacies on such websites.

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Does this mean that soon pharmacies will have to give up this method of obtaining conversions and will disappear from comparison websites? How Iran Mobile Number List can pharmacies not advertise? Pharmacies are not ordinary e-commerce. The Pharmaceutical Law Act specifies which advertising activities are prohibit in the case of pharmacies: Google Ads – paid promotion is not available for pharmacies, they cannot use text advertising in the search engine, product campaigns, image ads and remarketing. Pharmacies will also not benefit from advertising on the Google Display Network. Promotion of over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements is allow, but the manufacturer must be specially certifi by Google.

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Facebook Ads – while the pharmacy page on Facebook can be run, all advertising activities in the Facebook advertising ecosystem are unavailable to pharmacies. This even applies to simply promoting posts. Discounts, rebates and loyalty programs – discounts on reimburs drugs are completely prohibit, and promotions concerning other USB Directory preparations can only be report within the pharmacy. Billboards, posters – the ban on graphic advertising applies not only to the virtual sphere, but also to these traditional forms. Price comparison websites not for pharmacies? In the face of these – quite considerable – restrictions, online pharmacies willingly took advantage of the opportunity to present their offer in popular price comparison websites.

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