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We communicate in one way or another with almost all technology companies in the Russian market and in other countries where we operate and we can confidently say that our approach to ensuring the quality of data exchange is one of the most thoughtful in the world. Over the years of practice we have accumulated a huge expertise in each item. We often talk about what results our algorithms give and what success the Growth Hacker team achieves for stores but today we want to focus on the very first point data collection. If there are any problems during the collection phase they will directly affect the further stages of the recommendation.

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All the value that the online store could receive. That is why we make such high demands on the quality and completeness of data to In our practice we have encountered various Phone Number List cases when due to the peculiarities of internal processes technical failures or simply through inattention incorrect or incomplete data is transmitted which negatively affects the quality of the service. For example the id of a product or category changes several times a week products are duplicated or vice versa not all of them are transferred etc. These factors greatly affect the accuracy of recommendations.  but also expertise including in terms of data exchange quality control so.

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WeWill talk about several important parameters that need to be taken into account when transferring data to a recommender system. Integration with Retail Rocket Integration with the Retail Rocket system is carried out through the installation of tracking codes. Scripts are USB Directory placed on different pages of the site according to certain rules. It takes about a couple of hours to install tracking codes directly. But due to the high requirements for the quality and completeness of the data the process can be delayed. For example an online store prepares.