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Due to the favorable exchange rates of the Japanese yen Chinese yuan and Kazakhstani tenge against the ruble the popularity of orders and delivery of cars from Japan China and Kazakhstan has increased. The flow of cars that are distilled from these countries has also grown due to rising prices for new cars and the departure of some brands of manufacturers from Russia. Fraudsters took advantage of the situation and offer bank customers assistance with the delivery of cars from abroad explained Alexei Baklava head of the Tinkoff Ecosystem Security Center.

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Izvestiagot acquainted with one of the sites which offered the transfer of a car. At the time of posting it was blocked. However reviews about the page remained on the Internet: users write that they transferred an advance payment for driving a car but the car was not Denmark Cell Phone Number List  delivered and the money was not returned. Postbank and Post Bank are aware of the scheme of deception with the transfer of cars their representatives told Izvestiagot. The legend spread amid the consequences of sanctions measures: the demand for foreign cars imported under parallel import schemes has grown sharply since such cars are significantly cheaper than those of official dealers Post Bank explained.

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Now there are possible scenarios of deception related to help in circumventing sanctions restrictions as well as in the context of restructuring import logistics chains. The purpose of attackers is always the same – to extract money or confidential personal and banking information from a potential victim. Subsequently the compromised data can be used for theft of money — the director of department of information security of Postbank Mikhail Ivanov told. VKontakte does not record fraudulent activities with such mechanics. For our part we use a set of mechanisms and tools to protect our users including those based on artificial intelligence they added.

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