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The easiest to implement and use in the case of large customer bases. In the case of online stores, scoring segmentation consists. In assigning points to users for specific behavior. Depending on the previously determined significance of these behaviors. The numerical value may be higher or lower Segmentationthe most popular method. Of scoring segmentation is the rfm method, more on which below. What is the rfm analysis and based on what indicators to prepare it? Rfm segmentation is a behavioral analysis method that differentiates customers based on purchasing behavior.

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Detailed dimensions that help to assess the value of a given customer in the rfm analysis are recency – determines how long ago the user’s last conversion in the online store took place. Based on this data, we can identify users who have made Qatar Mobile Number List purchases in our store quite recently or very long ago. The shorter the time since the last purchase, the higher the value of the customer in this dimension. Frequency – determines how often the user makes purchases in our store. Based on this data, we can identify users who have made purchases from us once, make them occasionally and those who visit our store regularly.

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The time intervals that we can set will depend on the specifics of the products we offer or the industry. In which we operate. For example, the frequency of purchases in the fmcg industry will differ significantly from the frequency of purchases in the furniture industry. Monetary value – defines the customer by the value of their purchases. As part of this USB Directory dimension, we can analyze the user’s basket or, if we want to rely on more precise data, the final revenue from a given customer.Rfm dimensions based on the specifics of the industry and the products or services we offer, we should assign appropriate weight to each of the above dimensions.

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