Marketing strategy why does your brand need it

Why do the recommendations of others influence our decisions so much? This is due to social proof , which according to Robert Cialdini is one way to exert influence. When deciding to buy, we assume that others who have done so have analyz all the pros and cons. We don’t have to spend extra time on it ourselves, it’s enough to trust them. Recommendations read online confirm our belief that we have chosen well and … we are buying! Do people really leave negative reviews much more often than positive ones? This belief is quite common among people associat with marketing and sales on the Internet.

Marketing Strategy And Its Translation Into Business

It seems that if the purchase went smoothly and the product meets expectations, the customer sees no reason to express his satisfaction. It’s different when he encounters problems or receives something that disappoints him – then he will definitely Morocco Mobile Number List add a critical opinion. Can anything be done about it? It turns out that what opinions about a company prevail depends to a large extent on what “policy” it pursues in terms of opinions. Brands or stores that actively ask their customers to share their purchase impressions can count on a much higher percentage of positive reviews.

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Is Marketing An Expense Or An Investment

The experience of the trust platform shows that such companies can count on up to % more opinions, and the vast majority of them will be positive. Reviews not only on the Google listing – where else can you find them? It is worth remembering that USB Directory recommendations are divid into two types. The first is post-transaction reviews, those that customers post after the transaction is complet. The second is non-transactional reviews that can be issu by anyone, not necessarily after using the services of a store or company. Customer feback can be collect in various places and forms.

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