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pop-up tips, instructions in the form of images or videos, welcome mailings, etc.; Create clear and engaging educational videos and an informative knowledge base to fully inform customers about available products, benefits, terms of purchase, and more. Case Bomber. Getting to know the client with the help of the welcome chain To gradually introduce a new visitor to an online store, a welcome chain in an email channel is perfect. For example, online health food retailer Bombbar sends a three-letter welcome chain: In the first, the company introduces itself and offers the client popular products that may be of interest to him. The second letter introduces the buyer to the features of the company’s products: composition, pricing and production process.

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Also from it, he can get to the site to find out about the conditions of delivery, payment and return of goods. In the third welcome letter, the company once again thanks the client for subscribing to the newsletter and offers to get acquainted with bestsellers – the most popular Uganda Mobile Number List products of the store. Welcome chain of the online store Service dissatisfaction Service is an important part of the customer experience. Even if the product turned out to be of excellent quality, many things can spoil the impression of the purchase: insufficient or untimely information about.

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The status of the order, an impolite courier or call-center operator, a discrepancy between the declared delivery times, etc. This does not mean that we expect top-level service from any company: we calmly collect goods from IKEA ourselves, and we do not wait for a USB Directory waiter at McDonald’s. In each specific case, we expect to receive a service corresponding to the level of the company and our expectations. When we get more, we are happy and ready to recommend the company to friends, and in case of non-compliance with expectations for the worse, we refuse further cooperation.

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