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Sticking to the article about running shoes – if we write a great tet that essentially ehausts the topic and is really helpful, then it will be shar in Social Mia, forums, blogs, etc. This causes real transitions, and links conquer the ranking of the article itself, which we then distribute to other subpages through internal linking, thus increasing their positions. Traffic thanks to PR When a blog already has a database of eagerly read articles, it becomes known not only among the audience, but also among other content creators.

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This may result in establishing cooperation, which usually ends in a win-win situation a blog about runners cooperates with a blog about cross-country skiing, in this way some runners get to know a blog about skiing and vice versa. Each of the Qatar Mobile Number List parties acquires new users who would otherwise be difficult to reach. This is quite common among YouTubers who often decide to do joint activities, the channel War of ideas and I don’t know, but I will find out cooperation eample on youtubesource s.youtubewatch?vEqUZOpBYty listPLRgB oAfm PIEuiqG iG -Mpt inde You can do eactly the same with your blog Building an epert position This is very closely relat to the above.

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If our content is helpful, users will perceive such a blog as an epert one. The general trend is that we are more likely to buy from eperts, so if we recommend a particular pair of running shoes, the user is more likely to buy them from the author USB Directory of helpful content. Building the position of an epert is largely through content and is directly relat to sales. A simple eample – if we write an article about running training and the advice contain in it works, the user will remember the blog as worthy of attention, worth recommending, knowlgeable.

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