Where to start implementing marketing automation

Marketing Automation Infographic Stage – Anonymous Client What is it characteriz by? We don’t have his details. Email is unknown, cookie is not pair with the browser. The goal at this stage: Obtaining the email address and pairing the cookie with the browser and the user. What to use? pop-up. For an unregister customer, it will be, for example, a pop-up with a gratification offer in the form of a discount or a special time-limit offer. Web Push Alert. This is a message encouraging you to give your consent to display notifications in the system through push notifications.

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Exit-pop up. At this stage of “maturity” of the customer, we can also use a pop-up window with an incentive to leave an e-mail address. In return, the user will receive a discount or an attractive offer for a limit time. Chat with the store Turkey Mobile Number List staff (or bot) during chat hours. Here, it will be important to introduce yourself with your name, e-mail address and or telephone number. Outside working hours, an option to leave a message should be creat, and after the conversation, we should offer the user to send the conversation history to an e-mail. At this stage, we can already perform initial profiling. It consists in adding tags specifying interest in specific product groups or categories.

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Let’s also take into account the diversity of products that interest the user in terms of the amount of the discount or availability. In this way, we can create and assign tags to users, such as, for example, Bargain Hunters, News Fans, Sale USB Directory Searchers. Stage – Monitor Client What is it characteriz by? We have his e-mail address and consent to send marketing messages. The goal at this stage: Profiling the user by increasing the amount of personal data obtain and about his behavior on the website.

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