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In order to safely use content found on social networking sites, first of all, we ne to consider whether the plann sharing of photos or other content is other than purely private and personal. If sharing photos is not private, verify who owns the copyright to the photo. We can publish our photos and graphics on social mia without restrictions. However, if, under the influence of admiration for a given graphic or photo, we decide to use it on our private profile or profile of our brand, sharing the photo with others without respecting the licenses under which the photo was post on the network – we are infringing copyright.

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What is the penalty for copyright infringement? By posting photos and graphics on social networks and not respecting copyright, we trigger sanctions under Art. of the Act on Copyright and Relat Rights. They say whoever, without permission or against its Changsha Mobile Phone Number List conditions, distributes someone else’s work in the original version or in the form of an elaboration, artistic performance, phonogram, videogram or broadcast, is subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to two years. If the perpetrator allows for financial gain resulting from the shar work, heshe shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to three years.

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If copyright infringement results from an unintentional act, the penalty is a fine or imprisonment of up to one year. Keyword analysis – why is it so important? Paulina Hendożko August , You will read in ~ min. Keyword analysis When starting the USB Directory adventure with SEO, we will certainly hear that keywords are one of the most important elements in wsite positioning. Properly select not only for the client’s industry, but also in terms of seasonality, competitiveness and the number of searches by other wsite users, they can work wonders and contribute to increasing organic traffic on a given portal.

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