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Adopt AI standards in healthcare. The first five standards will come into force during  including: “Intelligent methods for processing mical dataAI systems in clinical micineChange management standard for AI systems with continuous learning. If we talk about the mium term today we ne to think about national standards in the banking sector (Open API) in the electric power industry (CIM model etc.) in the field of ucation (SCOS Digital School) in the field of healthcare (AI) in agriculture (AI) transport (vehicle data collection situational video analytics smart roads self-driving cars) construction (BIM) etc. Definitely the approval of such standards will contribute to the creation and wide distribution of vertical solutions bas on digital technologies in the Russian market. A serious problem of digitalization of the public sector is the lack of uniform standards.

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IN the creation of departmental and regional information systems and the choice of technologies which creates noticeable difficulties in integrating and working with data including as part of the creation of NSMS. As a result data inconsistency information security problems Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List unjustifi increase in costs including at the stage of system support and modernization. A clear example of a flaw in terms of standardization is the construction of the Safe City APK. At the time of implementation there were no technical documents and GOSTs that would somehow unify the regional segments of the Safe City APK. In fact each region built its segment from scratch and almost autonomously.

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ON the basis of feral funding or the PPP mechanism. Elena Antoshechkina (EOS): As for the negative example of the lack of standards this point can also be illustrat by the example of the MO exchange. Thus one of the main causes of errors and problems of interaction according to MO is the inconsistency of data on different sides of the exchange. Strange as it may sound the USB Directory same organizations have different names in the databases of the parties to the exchange (and this despite the fact that all organizations have official names that can and should be us!) One has to make tremendous efforts to solve such problems at the technical level (these are substitution tables. 

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