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Their number depends on the length of the text), bullet points, bolding the most important information, short, fewsentence paragraphs. *H header should contain product name and key phrase. Product descriptions versus category descriptions In my article, I focus on product descriptions. Meanwhile, your page also nes to include category descriptions. It can be a bit tricky to tell the difference between a product description and a category descriptio if it’s poorly written. These two types of content are clearly different from each other.

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Product descriptions for online stores are bas on detail. It should include specific information about the features, parameters, properties, applications, benefits that is, everything I wrote about above. On the other hand, in the description of a category, we Anhui Mobile Phone Number List refer how else to a category. Here you can indicate what characterizes a given type (category) of products, what common features they have, how they can make life easier for the user. It is worth advising the customer what he should pay attention to when choosing products from this category. In addition, you can also include here answers to the most frequently ask questions and encourage you to contact the store. How long should product and category descriptions be? My favorite answer is It depends.

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As a rule, descriptions of products and categories in an online store should exhaust the subject, present product features, parameters, application, benefits and convince a potential customer to buy. However, I can provide a minimum number of characters. In the case of product descriptions, it is usually at least characters with spaces. Category descriptions should be slightly longer, so that you can saturate the content with keywords. So it is usually USB Directory a minimum of characters with spaces. What to do if the products differ in one parameter? Creating separate descriptions for each product is a good idea if the store’s assortment is not large. But what if there are dozens or even hundrs of similar items? How not to expose yourself to duplicate content and not fall under Google.