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However, the transition to Google Analytics , which is integrat with GMP, which has been progressing since , suggests that soon this service will be available to anyone who wants to use the Google advertising system. Search Ads is a tool for large companies that allows you to manage text ads in search engines even more effectively and generate results unattainable using the Google Ads panel alone. This is an innovative solution bas on machine learning, thanks to which we can create and optimize hundrs of advertising campaigns for thousands of products from our offer in a very automat way.

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In various search engines, not only in Google but also in Yahoo, which makes the tool very popular in the USA. Search Ads business reports Business reports can be run manually at any time during the campaign. You can also create a recurring List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers schule (such as yearly, monthly, or weekly) and let Search Ads generate it automatically at a certain frequency you set. You can run a report in Search Ads for any purpose, such as: see data not visible in the chart order to print, download or share, view a report with a different end date. When generating a report, we can apply various filters, including, among others, summarizing the performance over a select period of time.

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What’s more, the report can be shar with others automatically. This allows you to significantly shorten the time of data reporting to people or agencies running individual advertising campaigns. To sum up: Search Ads is part of the extensive GMP USB Directory platform – Google Marketing Platform, which allows for more complex marketing campaigns in the search network and the display or video network. Combining this with the new Google Analytics function will allow marketing activities to be carri out on a larger scale in and subsequent years – for now for large corporate companies and large e-commerce companies, but it also opens the door to the growing SME sector in the Internet industry.