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Error “, then just log in to your Google Analytics account, and then go to the section “Behaviors » Site content » Page title and enter “ ” in the search engine and add “Entry page” as an additional dimension: How to detect error in google analytics Page crawl An effective way to analyze our website for broken links ( ) is to crawl the website using paid SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, XENU or Ahrefs. These programs allow you to scan all URLs of our website and create, among other things, a list of subpages with a error.


How to detect a error – crawl the site using paid tools (Screaming Frog SEO Spider – website content scanning tool) Server log analysis Server log analysis allows, among other things, to learn about the behavior of Google robots on our website. By analyzing server logs, we can check when and what search engine robot visit our website, what subpage it visit and what was the status of this subpage (. error ). For such analysis, we will ne server logs (usually locat on the server in the log folder) and a tool for their analysis, such as Screaming Frog File Log Analyzer.



How to detect a error – server log analysis An example of a summary of all events over a select time period in Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyzer: How to detect a error – server log analysis How to detect a error – server log analysis USB Directory Error – summary As you can see, detecting pages with errors on the website is not a major problem if we have specializ SEO tools for this. We recommend analyzing errors on our website at least once every few weeks to ensure a positive experience for users and search engine robots. What are the popular online advertising billing models? Bartosz Sobczyk October , You will read in ~ min.