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How does the S protocol work? While in all information is just plain text, in S it is encrypt first and in both directions. The protocol secur with an SSL or TLS certificate contains three basic layers of security. We are talking about authentication, data integrity and encryption. More precisely, within each session clientserver interaction the identity is first verifi, then possible changes or data corruption during sending are detect, and then encryption takes place. And if anyone manages to intercept the data, he will have a big problem with reading it. S does it affect page rankings.

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It turns out that the introduction of the S protocol affects the position of the website in the search results. Google itself uses S, so its algorithms are very sensitive to it and reward websites that have decid to implement an SSL certificate. Importantly, Google Tongliao Phone Number List announces that security certificates will become more and more important in the positioning of websites. Remember, however, that when a website migrates from to S, the URL changes. This may temporarily affect select traffic stats. Importantly, you ne to connect the new website address to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, because these tools do not implement data along with the transition.

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SEO audit prepar by specialists Check out our >> OFFER << How to enable S? Currently, the S protocol is us by more and more websites, not only by the aforemention banking and ecommerce. S is becoming a kind of standard and it is the right direction USB Directory if we want to take care of security on the web. Changing the protocol to S positively affects the reputation and cribility of the website, and thus the entire company. This is not the only advantage of this situation. Investors and business partners also pay attention to this. So if a company cares about the safety of its customers, then others will be more willing to do business with it.