We Distinguish Three Main Elements Gathering

The recipient’s attention. Maybe ask a question in. The first sentences of the description or point out a unique feature. I = Interest = keep the user with you and get them interested in the product. At this stage, you can refer to the benefits. D = Desire = Boom! Make. An argument that the client won’t be able to refute. Instead, he’ll think, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I need!” A = Action = encourage him to act purchase, ask a question, contact the service center, check other products in this category. In other words, do whatever it takes to keep him on the page.

The Basic Tool Of Action

AIDA Describe specific product features To do this. Ask specific questions and answer them what material is the product made of? what iswhat does it contain. what is the size what are the dimensions? What does it do? how to use it? who can Brazil Mobile Number List and should use itwho was it created for? how exactly does it work? It is worth appealing to the senses. For example, a product can feel smooth, velvety, rough, warm, cold, etc. Do not refer only to the appearance, because the photos will show it. Describe what you can’t see. properties Organize information You can use the inverted pyramid scheme. Remember that you only have a moment to attract and keep the customer’s attention.

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What Must Be Kept In Mind When Designing

Therefore, at the very beginning, provide the most important information, instead of dosing it. The first paragraph of the product description USB Directory can therefore be a kind of summary. Avoid embellishments Eliminate words that mean nothing from your descriptions. “Exceptional service”, “very good product”, “amazing performance”, “top quality”, “excellent value” – such phrases tell the user next to nothing. For example, the last one, “excellent value”, is a kind of truism. After all, no seller will say that what he has in his assortment is actually of little value.

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