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Otherwise, it is almost certain that he will change his mind already at the checkout. No ne to create an account For some online stores,Want to know more about bannerflow you ne to create an account and register in order to make a purchase. Thanks to this, e-commerce companies obtain data about users that help them adjust their offer or direct personaliz advertisements. However, we are against this solution. First of all, in the era of the GDPR, customers are less and less willing to provide information about themselves that is not really necessary to complete the order. Secondly, setting up an account is a relatively long process, which includes logging in to e-mail or waiting for an activation link.

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Such practices may discourage a potential customer from making a purchase in our store. Even more so if he intentionally want to buy something from us just once. DeeZee.pl On the screen above, we can see two good practices in this area the ability to Henan Mobile Phone Number List purchase without having to create an account in the e-shop and logging in using a Facook account. slamour plHowever, we can mention one great advantage of having an account in an online store from the user’s perspective – placing subsequent orders is much faster and easier. In the case of B B e-commerce and wholesale, the situation is quite different.

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Here registration is welcom by customers – usually their orders are cyclical and are bas on individual contracts and the resulting prices. Clear and short order path For many years, the e-commerce industry has been promoting the principle of rucing USB Directory the number of steps in the ordering process. Too much and the ne to laboriously click through them may discourage the user from completing the purchase. Currently, many publications indicate the use of or even steps as a good practice. Thanks to this procure, the customer can finalize the transaction much easier and faster.

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