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Determine what advantage your products or services have, and prepare an appropriate strategy something like a traditional business plan (what is your initial budget, what solutions are you interest in, to whom do you want to sell). With an original and unique product, add an analysis of its functionality for which the recipients will love it. Remember that selling online involves a specific purchasing path. It is not enough to set up a store and add products to it. Because if you offer something that the recipients do not ne (or do not yet know that they ne) or do not know what it can be useful for them and how it will meet their nes, even the best product and idea will fail.

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For this, you ne to decide which ecommerce platform to choose and determine the technical parameters of your website and elements such as payment Albania Phone Numbers List gateways, payment operators, method of product delivery. You should also immiately determine the conduct of marketing activities in several different ways to acquire the first customers, . advertising in social mia or SEO activities. Ecommerce platforms In its report “Ecommerce in Poland “, Senuto conduct a thorough analysis of ecommerce platforms, creating a ranking of the most popular.

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Their popularity was assess on the basis of the number of stores plac on a given platform. Starting from the first place, they are WooCommerce number of stores , , PrestaShop number of stores , , Shoper number of stores , , IdoSell Shop number USB Directory of stores , , Shopgold number of stores , , Click Shop number of stores , , Shoplo number of stores , , Magento number of stores , , skyShop number of stores , R Cart number of stores . Since the advantage of platforms in the top can be seen at first glance, we will focus on them. What makes them so popular and entrepreneurs willingly use them for ecommerce.