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They can be receiv by advertisers who are just starting their adventure with Google Ads and use the services of agencies with the status of Google Partner and Google Premier Partner. What criteria must an account meet to use the bonus? What is the promotion? We explain in this article. Google Coupons – What is it? Promotional offers from Google, also known as coupons, are advertising crits eligible accounts can receive. The rules for their use are also defin – usually the limitation is the period of validity of the coupon.

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You can get a coupon directly from Google after setting up an advertising account, but much more valuable are the coupons that the global giant distributes through an agency belonging to the group of Google Partners and Google Premier Thailand Mobile Number List Partners. So far, the value of the coupon was PLN , and from February it will be as much as PLN , . Google is also announcing that high-value listings will now be a privilege exclusive to Google Partner and Google Premier Partner agencies. Who are the coupons for? To take advantage of the promotional offer, several requirements must be met. First of all, the account should be manag (manager access) by an agency with.

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Google Partner or Google Premier Partner status. Another requirement is the amount of ad spend over a certain period of time. To receive PLN , from Google, you must spend at least the same amount within days. If you spend less, the value of the voucher USB Directory will also be less – it will simply be the equivalent of the amount spent. The promotion applies only to new accounts with the first impression of the ad within the last days. Importantly, you cannot ask for a coupon, nor can you indicate the account on which you want to use this form of support.

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