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In this way, there is a chance that you will be able. To use the traffic on the page with the unavailable product to advertise another, similar product. Which perhaps a potential customer would not reach. In your store in any other way. Rirect If your product has been permanently withdrawn from the store’s offer and you do not have products similar to it. And you do not want to mislead users that a given product is temporarily unavailable – you will probably disable the possibility. Of displaying this product in your store or remove it (at the same time creating a page with error.

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In this case, it is worth analyzing whether. A given product (and more specifically – its. URL address) still generates traffic and whether it has links Dominican Republic Mobile Number List from external domains. You ever bought a sponsor article with a link to the. Oroduct or users recommend your product on various portals). If a given product still generates traffic on your website and has strong links from external domains – rirect it using a rirect to its parent category. In this way, you will convey to some extent the “SEO power” of your product for the category it has been in so far.

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This is a common procure that SEO specialists use in such cases in order to use the potential of no longer existing products to strengthen a given USB Directory category in terms of its positioning . Optimize the error page When none of the above solutions can be implement on your website – and the remov products will display a error page, then don’t forget to optimize it for SEO and UX. The mere information that a given subpage has not been found is practically certain that the user will leave our website and will not come back to it at a given moment.

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