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We will get acquaint with your website or shop and prepare a free implementation quote. I want an offer What’s new about GA ? Browsing the Internet in search of news about GA takes quite a long time. Therefore, to make your life easier, we will regularly post news about GA in this section. What’s new about GA ? [UPDATE] Joanna Horoszko June , You will read in ~ min. What’s new about GA There is less and less time left until Universal Analytics stops collecting data.

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We want to make it easier for you to switch to Google Analytics , which is why we have prepar a special place where we will collect all the latest information about GA . Add this entry to your favorites and you won’t miss any news about GA ! If you are Ecuador Mobile Number List wondering if your ecommerce platform already has GA integration ready or you want to see if you can handle the implementation yourself, check out our guide Switch to Google Analytics ! All about GA . GA recipient lists with dynamic validity period Google Analytics gives you the option to create not only static audience lists as we know from Universal Analytics. New to GA are dynamic recipient lists.

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How it’s working? GA includes in the audience those users who currently meet the condition and excludes those who do not meet it now. You can build dynamic audience lists with the following conditions at a time exclude or include USB Directory users type of events complet by users number of complet events time interval (N days) in which the user was to perform the given event a number of times (the number is set by you) Examples of dynamic audience lists you can create Users who trigger an event (. purchase) more than N times in the last N days Users who trigger an event.