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First, think about what your content goals are – make sure they are specific. It can be, for example, “increasing website traffic by X% thanks to publications in social mia”, “increasing organic traffic by X% thanks to blog articles”, “systematically increasing the number of newsletter recipients – by X% each month”. Then decide: how much content will you publish per month for the next X months? – take into account your processing capacity; what kind of content do you want to create? – it is best to combine several types of content.

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Blog articles, e-books, podcasts; will you do it yourself , using the competences and skills of your employees, or do you prefer cooperation with Greece Mobile Number List an experienc content marketing agency ?; how will you promote the content? – you can use . your social mia or newsletter; how will you measure the effects of your actions? – you can be guid by the user’s time spent on the site and rucing the bounce rate. Now prepare a list of topics and match them to the forms in which you will implement them. The information obtain earlier about your recipient, as well as the information obtain during the content audit – on your and your competition’s website will help you with this.

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Without a calendar (publication) not a move A great example of what a publishing schule can look like is in the book Content is Key. How to Create USB Directory Powerful Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, EBooks, Webinars (and More)” (by Ann Handley, CC Chapman, Publisher: Onepress). According to its authors, the publication plan should be divid into blocks: day, week, month, quarter, half year, year. Blog articles, how-to articles, short video content, etc. should be publish once a week (or more often.