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Organize and store it in one place, using it for segmentation of the consumer audience and further marketing activities. The rest of the modules, which are “managed” by artificial intelligence, allow you to systematically work on customer retention, increasing key metrics. For the fashion online boutique ElytS.ru, we have developed the following solutions: Improve shopping experience and increase customer loyalty through smart online merchandising; Personalize product offers to build an effective marketing strategy and increase key business indicators; Create for each customer their own version of the site, rebuilding blocks of product recommendations for the interests of the client. How a personal approach generates more than 12% of orders: the case of the ElytS.

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Ru online boutique “ ? To save time and help buyers of the ElytS.ru online boutique make their choice faster, we segmented them by interests and behavior, and offered each client El Salvador Mobile Number List  their own version of the site. It is rebuilt in real time, taking into account the actions and preferences of the buyer. A personal approach not only increases loyalty to the company, but also allows you to increase metrics  – Mikhail Meleshkov, Retail Rocket Manager.

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We provide a personal approach on the pages of the online boutique ElytS.ru Many customers know firsthand what personalization of offers in online stores is, because competition in all areas of e-commerce is getting tougher. In the ElytS.ru online boutique, each customer receives their own individual version of the store: recommendations appear in response to any action of the USB Directory site visitor. At the same time, many characteristics of the product are taken into account: from its price to color. Also, depending on the stage of the sales funnel at which the client has stopped, the algorithms that determine the blocks of recommendations that should be offered to the buyer also change.

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