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GrowGlobal infographic Sempai September , You will read in ~ min. Great Britain eport infographic The UK is the largest B C e-commerce market in Europe in . British consumers spent € billion on online shopping, around twice as much as their French counterparts, who took second place, according to the European Ecommerce Report for . Although the legal regulations regarding eports have chang slightly due to Breit, Polish e-entrepreneurs still often choose the British market as a direction of foreign epansion.

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If you are also considering starting sales in the UK, we have prepar another one of our GrowGlobal eport infographics for you! Thanks to it, you will find out, among other things, what and how the British buy online, which payment methods are most Portugal Mobile Number List convenient for them and which courier companies they choose most willingly. You can download the high-resolution infographic HERE Characteristics of the e-commerce client in Great Britain Characteristics of the e-commerce client in Great Britain Structure by age groups Currently, online shopping is so popular that the differences in the percentage of people buying online in particular age groups are small.

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In each of them, over of respondents admit to buying in e-shops. People ag – are the most likely to do this, because here buyers account for as much as . . It is also worth noting that in the UK online shopping is slightly more popular among people USB Directory ag – . than those ag – . . People who shopp online in the UK between – The percentage of online shoppers in the UK is growing at a similar rate year on year. In , of Brits declar that they make such purchases, which, compar to , gives an increase of as much as percentage points.

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