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April Google Analytics integration with Search. Ads The ability to link Google Analytics properties with Search Ads advertisers has become available. What are the benefits of combining both tools? you have access directly from GA to many special reports that were only available in Search Ads prior to the merger You can now also see conversions, site and app engagement metrics that come standard in GA in Search Ads April , End of Universal Analytics (UA) Google has already announced the official date to disable data collection by Universal Analytics – it will happen on July , ( sblogproducts marketing platformanalyticsprepare for future with google analytics.

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Google has also announced that it will leave the ability to view historical data in UA for six months after the collection is turned off, until the end of . What’s next? It is not known yet. If the black scenario comes true, that Google will confirm that UA Macedonia Mobile Number List services will disappear from Analytics accounts at the beginning of , then in addition to migrating to GA, you will have to collect and archive historical UA datasets. And we remind you that you can’t just import this data from UA to GA.

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Your online store must look professional to inspire consumer confidence. Flashy colors or illegible fonts and small fonts will not help here. However, an online store template is not only an aesthetic aspect. The main role here is also play by the navigation USB Directory system, the main menu on the website, banners or product photos. All this should form a clear, harmonious whole. Step four payment Just as stationary customers have a choice whether they want to pay by card, cash or blik, you should give them more than one option in the online store. So make sure you have several different payment gateways. Remember that more opportunities mean more likely to attract potential custome.