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Customers and simplifying their Customer Journey, it is possible to expand the number of items in a check and increase the store’s revenue,” Pavel Chevdar, Retail Rocket Manager. Personal approach on the site Widgets with goods in an online store are shelves when compared to offline points of sale. Using the smart merchandising system – the correct placement of goods on these shelves, you can constantly improve the shopping experience, increasing customer loyalty and increasing its LTV. Thanks to up-to-date data about the buyer, he can make relevant offers by providing his own version of the online store, consisting of product recommendations that are of interest to him.

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As a result, both parties win: the client quickly and easily finds the goods he needs, and the business increases the main metrics: conversion, revenue, and average bill. The online merchandising system covers the main pages of the Namibia Mobile Number List Gipfel website: Main page; Card Product; Catalog; Page 404; Personal account, etc. Creating a positive first impression of the store The main page is able to motivate the client from the first minutes to stay and continue the acquaintance or vice versa to leave forever. Therefore, here the buyer is met with two types of recommendations. If the client is in the store for the first time, he will see a selection of bestsellers Gipfel hits.

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If the buyer has not entered the online store for the first time, personal recommendations are offered based on his interests and preferences. How CJM optimization with the help of personal recommendations allows you to increase revenue and average USB Directory check: Gipfel case We do not release empty-handed from the product card Once in the card, the buyer makes it clear that he is very close to the purchase decision. But here it is important to take into account two main scenarios: if the card product for some reason did not suit the.

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