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If you can also analyze and choose the best keywords for your products and categories, nothing stands in the way of you creating content for your website yourself. Or maybe the decision to create descriptions on your own results from the fact that you have the greatest knowlge about your offer? I’m not arguing that it is! That is why a detail brief is so important in cooperation with an SEO copywriting agency . If you prepare a team of copywriters with a set of information about your brand, tone of communication, products, recipients, market, benefits and tell them what they should pay attention to the chances that they will prepare descriptions that will sell will dramatically increase.

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You can also prepare an example description that will become a reference point. Also, remember that the secret to working well with an agency is honest communication. Do not hesitate to provide your constructive criticism and suggestions, if only France Mobile Number List you see in the prepar content areas for improvement. Thanks to such joint work, the final effect can be really good. Meta description what is it and how to write effective meta descriptions? Iwona Bortniczuk June , You will read in ~ min. Meta description what is it and how to write effective meta descriptions.

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In theory, Google does not consider meta description as a ranking factor, so the description of the page does not affect its position in the search engine. Does that mean we don’t have to spend time with them? That would be a big mistake! Check why you should not forget about meta description and how to write them so that they “work”. What is a meta USB Directory description? Wondering what a meta description is? The meta description is an element of html code that contains a brief summary of the website. It is display on the organic search results page (SERP) under the URL and the title of the site in the search engine.

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