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In a nutshell, the first one analyzes pages and prioritizes those that have high-quality content. The latter, on the other hand, fights against such practices as keyword stuffing, unnatural links, etc. This has put all Internet marketing professionals ready to invest primarily in the quality of content, not its quantity. Therefore, content marketingis now one of the basic activities that should be carri out in the case of SEO – a well-written blog article that answers popular queries can be a source of high-quality traffic to the site. video marketing In , Gates probably even suspect that content in the form of video would become so popular.

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According to the Hootsuite report from , as many as % of Internet users spend their time watching videos online. In Poland, YouTube is of course Nepal Mobile Number List the most popular website – it is us by almost % of Internet users ag to . Video marketing is therefore one of the rapidly developing “branches” of content marketing, which has permanently enter the online marketing strategy of brands. How can video marketing be us? Presentation of products, services, etc. – thanks to well-thought-out, attractive video content, you can show, for example, the possibilities of the product or the benefits of its use in everyday life. User manuals – the video format is ideal for this.

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An instructional video will be much more understandable than a dry description, even one with photos. Guides – Internet users very often look USB Directory for this type of content. As part of the guides, you can compare different products or give your customers tips on how to choose a given product (. running shoes, a pram, a building plot). This type of content helps you build your position as an expert. Webinars – they play a similar role to video tutorials.