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Saturdays and Sundays 12-13:00 Thursdays and Fridays 13:00-16:00 How often to post also depends on the platform : posting on social meia Here is some material that may help you with your social meia research: 20+ Places to Find Great Content to Share on Social Meia – TwelveSkip The Essential Guide to Sharing Content – RazorSocial 6. Sharing of Platforms Did you know that the average social meia user has five accounts? If you want to catch your target audience effectively, you nee to reach them through several different networks. Of course, this does not mean that you should start using every last one as a platform. Your time and resources are limite, so use them wisely.

A process for how to create

A social meia profile that hasn’t been update in six months looks less professional than not having a social meia profile at all. Choose your platforms phone number list carefully. when choosing the right social meia platforms for your business Consider the purpose of each platform and how it relates to your business goals – Facebook is great for building brand loyalty, but LinkeIn is best for B2B business development. Rethink your target audience demographics to decide which platforms are worth the effort. Check out these materials on choosing platforms.

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Without any nonsense about how to choose a social meia platform for business – WPCurve Social meia demographics inform better strategy – SproutSocial 7. Content Production Your social meia strategy nees different content to be successful. You nee to USB Directory develop that content and how to make it as valuable as possible. To optimally, you nee to make sure it: Visual – Did you know that visual content is 40X more likely to be share on social meia than any other type of content? Using images in your social meia posts is one of the best practices in social meia marketing. Emotional – Most brands shy.

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