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Transferring data from dataLayer to GA using GTM If your developer has updat the data layer for the new guidelines, the next step is to enter the appropriate settings in Google Tag Manager . Your task will be to set the GTM to “listen” to such events, which will be trigger when trigger and sent to GA as information about the complet event. Unfortunately, GA and GTM do not have a builtin, already configur ecommerce event tracking option (at least for now). Therefore, it remains to manually fill in the parameters that we want to catch and send from GTM to GA.

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You have to create a new tag in GTM for each event. List of tags you should create addpaymentinfo → to measure which payment option was select addshippinginfo → to measure which shipping option was select addtocart → to measure which Venezuela Mobile Number List products and in what quantity were add to the cart begincheckout → to measure how many times you went to the beginning of the transaction. For example, you can see how many times a person attempts to place an order before finally making a purchase purchase → to measure the quantity.

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Value of transactions and the list of purchas products removefromcart → to measure the quantity and value of products remov from the cart selectitem → to measure which product is select from the product list selectpromotion → to measure interest in promotion, click analysis. viewcart → to measure the number of cart views viewitem → to measure USB Directory which product the user has view viewitemlist → to measure the effectiveness of product lists viewpromotion → to measure which promotions were display to the user Each of the tags should be call and sent to GA after meeting the requir conditions, . for the addtocart tag you must set a rule specifying when it is to be sent.

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