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Journey are the result of many years of work and high expertise in email marketing. They are tested on millions of subscribers, brought to almost perfection and interact perfectly with each other. And they are launched as quickly as possible – with the choice of standard templates and configured integration, the main communication card can be launched in just a couple of days. Then Growth Hackers of Retail Rocket test the implemented solutions so that each online store gets its own trigger communication strategy, taking into account the specifics of the company’s activities, the behavior and interests of customers, etc. Constant work on improving scenarios helps to achieve an increase in conversion per order by an average of 30.

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How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domovoy case “When forming a map of trigger communications, we take into account the characteristics of the store and its audience. It is important for the Domovoy online store to retain its loyal audience, so we paid a lot of attention to repeat purchases. And of course, we developed a plan for testing Cyprus Mobile Number List hypotheses using Growth Hacking, which ensures a significant increase in key business indicators,” Anastasia, Retail Rocket Manager. Trigger communication of the Domovoy store Domovoy works hard to retain a loyal audience, so it was important not.

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Only to implement scenarios that motivate them to place an order, but also to ensure communication after the purchase. All letters take into account the interests of the client and therefore work as efficiently as possible. Currently, 11 trigger scenarios have been USB Directory launched for the Domovoy online store, including: Abandoned cart; Abandoned View; Abandoned search; Decreasing the price of an item in the shopping cart; Recommendations for goods of repeated demand; The offer of the next most likely purchase (Next Best Offer). This is how the map of behavioral triggers of the Domovoy online store looks.