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We can distinguish several basic types of campaigns: PLA campaigns – product campaigns that allow us to display a photo of the product along with the price in response to the user’s inquiry. Using the phrase “adidas shoes” as an example, it looks like this: PLA campaigns*Product campaigns work on the basis of a file call a product fe, which contains all the most important data about the product: price, photo link, discount, color, weight, etc. You can read more about it here: s:supportmerchantsanswer ?hl=pl In the example above, we also see select Search campaigns – as you can see, these are text ads in which we configure the headline and description.

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These are the basic campaigns that we can set up in Google Ads. Display (GDN) – involves the use of banners that are display on the Google Display Malta Mobile Number List Network – Google’s global advertising network. Remarketing is also a very good way to increase profits in our e-business! Thanks to the implementation of appropriate scripts, we are able to reach people who have already been on our website with special messages. For example, dynamic remarketing lets you display as an ad on other sites products that a user has add to their shopping cart but haven’t complet their purchase. Video campaigns , which is simply the ability to reach users with a “movie” message.

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These online ads are display on YouTube and on Google Video Partner Network websites and apps. The above examples are really just the tip of the iceberg. Google Ads offers much more, but you ne to think carefully before choosing the right campaign for your e-business. We can always help here social mia marketing Social Mia may seem like USB Directory a novelty in online marketing to some , although younger Internet users cannot imagine a day without checking what’s going on on Facebook, Twitter or the now increasingly popular TikTok.