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It can be both a price discount and a free product when buying a set. personaliz sets The leader in personalization is . Netflix. It is not an online store, but you can adapt the methodologies of some sliders to your store. Such an example could be: personalization on netflix On this basis, you can create a slider with products. It will contextually refer to the products the user has in their shopping cart or products on their “wishlist”. Another example could be a slider like this: personalization on netflix Following its example and using machine learning, you can build a slider with complementary products to the products recently purchas by the customer.

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For example – when buying a vacuum cleaner, these can be bags, filters or other accessories. You can also use a slider displaying products recently Belize Mobile Number List purchas by the customer, but after some time from the purchase. This will let you know that some products may be running out of content. This type of personaliz slider would be us, for example, in a drugstore. Chatbots Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing an increasingly important role in optimizing the conversion rate. An example of this can be chatbots, us to answer routine questions about the productoffer in real time.

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Chatbot The advantage of this solution is that there is no ne for a consultant to operate the chat. The user gets an immiate response instead of searching for it himself on the website. Chatbots can also be us to guide and point out the features of your USB Directory website. ikea chatbot Chatbots are widely customizable. You can set CTAs, answers to questions, as well as adjust the appropriate language form to your customers. chatbot inpost Summary Some trends have been valid for years, but they are still evolving due to the development of technology that provides new opportunities.