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What to use? Personaliz messages. After registration, we send the user a thank you message for joining a customer group or mailing list. In the message, let’s indicate the most important areas on the website from the customer’s point of view. This may be, for example, contact with the customer service department, support, rules for the processing of personal data, privacy policy, certificates and awards. It is worth choosing those that will build and increase trust, briefly describe the rules of shopping and possible complaints or returns, . in the form of icons.

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We provide materials, ebooks, or collections of articles about products in exchange for more detail data. A customer interest in the material can receive it if he gives us, for example, his name, surname, telephone number (if we do not already UAE Mobile Number List have it), company name. For this purpose, pop-ups and forms in the blog section, on product category cards (in the case of B C), in the portfolio, case study or contact section (in the case of B B) will work. At this stage, it is also possible to tag behavior and visit areas on the website. This is a continuation of the initial profiling from the Anonymous Client section.

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In this way, we build a cloud of customer tags, thanks to which we will be able to assign them to the appropriate communication group in the case of conducting various marketing activities for different product groups. Personalizing the content USB Directory of the store page . Banners and recommendation frames will work well in this role. Depending on the browsing history, popularity or AI scenarios, the user will see the ones that are most relevant to him. These will include recommendations of products view by similar users, products from the “bought together” group, etc.