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Data leakage protection is becoming an indispensable element of the information security system in any company that works with personal data and other restricted information. Such leaks cause serious harm to users and create reputational and financial risks for organizations. A year agoInfoWatch announced that Russia had become the world leader in terms of the number of intentional information leaks. Moreover their share approached ahead of world indicators. The total number of intentional leaks increased by in Russia over the year. And an increase in the number of data compromise incidents is observed all over the world.

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Therefore it is very important for companies to implement work device controls to protect their users and team. Human factor According to SearchInformmost often insiders leak information through mail – of cases. Messengers are gaining popularity: over the past years the Netherlands Phone Numbers List number of data leaks through them has increased by. Also information leakage can occur due to the negligence of employees who are responsible for the data. One of the most common reasons for databases to be compromised is that they are stored in a company without proper protection. The main types include intentional and unintentional leaks. Unintentional data leaks are often associated with human error.

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Typical channels are e-mail instant messengers web portals file hostingcode management systemssocial networksetc.but in general it depends on the organization’s approach to communications and their typesays Kirill Solodovnikovan USB Directory  independent expert in the field of information security ex-CEO of Infosecurity. In Russia more than of leaks are the result of internal violationsaccording to the InfoWatch report for with more than ¾ recognized as intentional. According to the InfoWatch report for over the past four yearsthe share of leaks using automation tools has increased from . to In the world of leaks are caused by deliberate actions. The reasons for the growth of leaks include lack of staff awareness the lack of.

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