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Thanks to this, the subsequent recommendation of products to the same user increases the likelihood of a sale, even if the content learn by him was not relat to the product being sold. Movement from social mia I have already mention this above when getting natural links, but in addition to sharing content by others, our articles can be us simply as posts on Facook or Instagram. Thanks to this, we have a free idea for a valuable post and then it is enough to frame it in a few catchy sentences to get as many visits from Facook directly to the blog.

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Szczesliva does it fantastically, where you really want to click on an article from a post on FB see the PR effect that I mention it using blog content in social miasource s.facookSzczeslivaposts Mailing database supply Articles, especially the so-call Sri Lanka Mobile Number List evergeen, those that will be relevant today and in years how to choose running shoes? constantly bring new users. Therefore, especially in such articles, it is worth encouraging to subscribe to the newsletter, in echange for an e-book. Thanks to this, your mailing base will constantly grow, and you can constantly inspire users and encourage them to buy relat products. On the eample of running shoes Someone bought shoes? You can offer him inserts, socks, thermal underwear by e-mail.

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For such users, special discounts can then be appli – there are many options for monetizing the newsletter, and the blog is a great power supply for the database. Sale of advertising space – Whitepress, cooperation with brands, Ad Sense USB Directory Google Display Network Google AdSensisplay Network Another way to monetize blog traffic is to work with Google as part of the Google Display Network. We can provide frames in our content in which Google ads will be display – this is us in every information portal, in Onet blog advertising space.