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Item → to measure which product the user has. View view_item_list → to measure the effectiveness of product lists view. Promotion → to measure which promotions. Were display to the user each of the tags should be call and sent to ga after meeting the requir conditions. For the add_to_cart tag you must set a rule specifying when it is to be sent to ga. To do this, create a variable from the data layer. Since we are interest in retrieving information about products add to the cart. We create the ecommerce.Items variable variable configuration source sempai.

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Google tag manager next, we ne to configure. A rule specify what conditions must. Be met so that information about add specific. Products Taiwan Mobile Number List is to the cart. Is sent to ga rule setup source sempai, google tag manager our event from the data layer that we want to “listen” to is add_to_cart. Then we create the tag we set the data stream to which we want to send information about the event, select the name of the event to be track and specify what parameters from the data layer are to be read and sent to ga, at the end, we add a rule.

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We set when or in what situation our tag should. Be “Fir” creating a tag sempai, google tag manager in the event of an event, you will have to do more work, because you ne to send much more parameters from the data layer to ga than in the example above. The USB Directory parameters that will function as extend e-commerce are event parameters sempai google tag manager the rule for the purchase event will be the gtm “Listening” for the launch of the purchase event. In such a scheme, “Listening” and sending the remaining tags from the list to ga should be configur.