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It is worth noting that as many as % of online shoppers prefer cash on delivery, and traditional bank transfers are equally popular. The most popular payment methods for online shopping in – Over the years – , the popularity of online card payments, bank transfers and cash on delivery continu to be high. Few consumers choose payment systems such as PayPal or PaySec, and Czechs rarely use Google Pay or Apple Pay. The size and growth of the digital payments market Currently, as many as . million people in the Czech Republic use digital payments, which is almost half of the entire population of the country. Forecasts prict an increase in the popularity of card and mobile payments, mainly due to the younger generation, which is more willing to use such solutions (source: megado.

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Promotion channels in the Czech Republic Promotion channels in the Czech Republic Digital Advertising: Spend and year-on-year growth by sub-category Czech stores most often advertise their services in digital by: search engine Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List advertising – this is where spending is the highest – $ . million advertising in social mia – here the increase in spending in vs. is the biggest – . % The popularity of video advertising is also growing ( %), while spending on traditional advertisements is falling. Total digital ad spend in the Czech Republic grew by % in compar to . Export markets Soon we will characterize and introduce you to other export markets.

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You can download the high-resolution infographic HERE Also check out our other #GrowGlobal infographics: Great Britain Why should content be unique? Paulina Roszko November , You will read in ~ min. Why content should be unique USB Directory Interesting and unique content has a chance to attract (and keep for longer!) Readers on the website. However, the quality of publish texts is assess not only by users – it is also done by Google. Its algorithm decides which content will reach the top positions in search results, and the success of your website depends on it.

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