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Today we will tell you how to do it. Ecommerce what is it? Before we move on to simple steps on how to start your adventure with ecommerce, it is worth explaining what it is at the beginning. The word “ecommerce” comes from English and, loosely translat into Polish, simply means ecommerce. Electronic commerce is nothing more than the execution of purchase and sale transactions on the web, using the latest technological and telecommunications solutions.

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However, ecommerce includes not only the activities of online stores (sale of goods and services). The definition also includes all marketing campaigns aim at promoting the store and encouraging the conclusion of commercial transactions. Ecommerce how to start? Still wondering if ecommerce is the right way for your business? In that case, let’s start with Finland Mobile Number List some data! The “Ecommerce” report from January publish by interaktywnie indicates that in Poles spent a total of over PLN billion on online shopping. Meanwhile, it is estimat that the global ecommerce market will be worth over $ trillion in . The same report shows that the interest in online shopping is constantly growing, and the average Polish resident spends on average over PLN on clothing and footwear every month.

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In turn, Miapanel research from December shows that the number of Internet users in our country has reach . million! Thus, the upward trend will be maintain, and Digital Market Outlook experts estimate that in the ecommerce market in Poland USB Directory will reach the value of USD . billion. First steps That is why it is worth considering joining the ecommerce market today to increase your profits. How to start? It’s easy! First of all, start with a competitor analysis, especially if you sell in such popular sectors as technology and computers, home appliances, interior decoration, gardening, automotive, clothing, beauty and health.

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