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The complete opposite, however, is a wall of text with lots of lines written in sequence, without subheadings and division into paragraphs, without bullet points or other embellishments. rules of UX writing, design your perfect text We have collect the most important UX writing rules, and to put it simply, tips, the application of which will encourage and keep the recipient’s attention for longer. Design the text according to them and you will see that it works! Comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Text on a white background, colors and contrast Let’s start from the beginning.

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The human eye is us to reading on a white background – on a computer, on a smartphone, in a book or newspaper . Do you think you’ll stand out Lebanon Mobile Number List if you do the opposite, putting white letters on a black or some other background? Well, not at all. While it will pass on the leaflet, in longer texts the eyes and brain will get tir. So if you care about the recipient and his comfort of staying on the page with your text, absolutely do not do it. It’s the same with colors – limit yourself to a maximum of three, and use bold ones like r, orange or green for call to action buttons.

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You can be sure that no one will miss them. The contrast of colors on the website is also important, so that everything is legible. You can easily check it using the free WCAG Color contrast checker browser plug-in. Just one click of the mouse and you will get a full analysis and valuable tips. Sans serif fonts In UX writing, not only the background is USB Directory important, but also the type of font. While in the draft you can write in any font, on the website make sure that the content is optimiz for a sans serif font . What does it mean? Well, the sans serif font has simple, clear and devoid of frills letters that are easy to read.

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