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In the case of clothes or shoes, it will be able to do it faster, but it will take a little longer to check the functionality of the furniture; ensure the readability and transparency of the survey ; in the attach questionnaire, put photos and names of all products so that the customer does not have to remember what he bought from you; ask for an evaluation not only of the product, but also of the entire store ; don’t forget to thank you for your time . You can also offer a discount on your next purchase.

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Just remember that this form of gratification must be grant to all customers, including those whose opinion was negative. an email requesting a Nepal Mobile Number List Google rating An e-mail with a request to evaluate the store on Google from Modivo A good way to increase the amount of feback on your store is to ask customers to rate the ordering process itself. Such an option should be on the “thank you page” right after paying for the basket. However, remember to clearly inform customers what they are evaluating at a given moment to avoid misunderstandings.

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By following these steps, you can get even a few opinions from one customer: evaluation of the order process, individual products in the basket, and the store itself. Monitor the effectiveness of your actions on an ongoing basis. If the percentage of USB Directory people who open your email asking for feback is less than %, it’s a sign that something nes to be improv. Opinions in the e-shop – where to display them? If you have already manag to encourage customers to leave reviews, it is worth taking advantage of this fact and displaying them in the right place on the website. Bet on the ones that will work best for your business.