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It does not affect positioning, although it is worth making sure that it is construct correctly to increase the CTR of our search results. An example of a meta description can be found below: example meta description – what is it meta robots – thanks to this element, we can hide individual subpages from robots, . if we do not want them to be index, for example: what is meta robots – example meta keywords – no longer us (explain below); meta viewport – us for mobile devices; alt tag – us when describing photos insert on the page.

The Future Of Marketing Beyond Covid

In the first two parameters we have some restrictions that are important in terms of SEO. The meta title should be written in to characters, so it Azerbaijan Mobile Number List must precisely define the content of the landing page. Meta description allows us much more freom when describing the content of the page, although some restrictions still apply. This parameter should be between and characters. Typically, only characters are visible, so don’t go overboard with the detail here. A meta tag that is no longer us for SEO and has no influence on it are meta keywords.

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Drawing Attention Artificial Intelligence

Due to the abuse of this tag in the past and its use for positioning in a way that is against the rules, Google and other search engines have decid that this tag is not a ranking factor – so it does not affect our position in search results. Another USB Directory meta tag worth mentioning is the alt tag, often call the alt attribute. It is us to tell search engine algorithms what is in the graphics on our website. After all, robots don’t have eyes and can’t tell if it’s a picture of a horse or an elephant. It is also a convenience for people with vision problems.

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