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General trends of the e-commerce industry in the UK Shopping by product group by gender in the UK in According to research, among online shoppers, women definitely prevail in the following categories clothes, shoes and accessories of women to of men cosmetics and beauty products of women to of men. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to buy consumer electronics of men to of women, sporting goods of men to of women music and films on physical mia of men to and of women. In other categories, the differences are small, or the share of buyers of both sees is evenly distribut.

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UK Online Average Order Value AOV Q by device Orders with the lowest average value are generat from smartphones – it is . . Perhaps the Brits prefer to make larger purchases at home, which is why the value of orders plac via a computer Mexico Mobile Number List is higher at . UK online shopper conversion rate Q to Q by device The conversion rate is still the highest on computers. For two quarters of , it amount to . and . , respectively. The lowest conversion rate is generat from the level of smartphones – here, interestingly, it fell after the first quarter of , where it amount to . to in the second quarter of .

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E-commerce categories year-on-year change epenses The largest increase is noticeable in the food and personal care category. Here it was compar from to . Spending in the music and computer games categories also increas significantly – . and . , respectively. The only category that record a decrease in spending is tourism, which is USB Directory due to the pandemic situation and limit travel opportunities. British users’ preferences in the area of ​​e-commerce preferences of e-commerce users in the UK Percentage of adult online buyers from retailers of goods and services in the UK, – by retailer location.

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