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The high cribility of this content is extremely effective. Using recommendation marketing in your business, we will significantly expand the network of our potential customers and consolidate a positive image. These are effective actions that give measurable benefits. There’s no ne to wait, it’s time to introduce them at home! Experience the power of digital word of mouth. Content recycling – what is it and why is it worth doing? Iwona Bortniczuk November , You will read in ~ min. Content recycling – what is it and why is it worth doing? Do you segregate garbage? Surely you’ve heard of the R principle, ruce, reuse , recycle.

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Instead of buying new ones, use the resources you already have. It turns out that this principle can also be appli to content marketing. In this case, the three “Rs” stand for: recycle, repurpose, refresh . Remake, repurpose, refresh. How to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List segregate content and how to reuse it to take care of the environment of your website? Check the benefits of content recycling! What is content recycling? If you care about effective content marketing activities, you must not only prepare new, valuable materials, but also reuse the content that you have already creat. However, it’s not about stubbornly publishing blog entries, newsletters or the same posts in different channels.

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Google doesn’t like duplicate content! So what is content recycling? In short, it is their refreshing and providing the recipient in the new version. What are the forms of recycling? There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for content recycling. It’s a good USB Directory news! This means that you can do it in at least several ways. Updating popular content The easiest way to explain it is to use an archival blog article as an example. First, use Google Analytics to identify a valuable entry (“Behavior” and “Site Content” tabs.

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