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On the search page, we recommend brand products that match the search query When a customer types in the search bar on the site the name of the product, he shows that he is looking for a specific product on the virtual shelf. Based on his search query and personal preferences, product recommendations are formed. For example, if a customer was looking for milk, he would see a selection of products in this category from the Prostokvashino brand. How a brand can get 422% ROMI through native promotion on a retail platform: Danone and SberMarket case Project results Retail Rocket Smart Placement allows you to track the results of each campaign across the entire sales funnel: from CTR to ROMI.

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This gives the brand the ability to manage all campaigns, turn off less effective campaigns, change settings, etc. Thus, there is a transition from complexly controlled trade marketing to data-driven marketing, which allows you to make motivated decisions based on data. Thanks Cameroon Mobile Number List to the use of Retail Rocket Smart Placement at SberMarket, Danone received a ROMI of 422% . Case comments How a brand can get 422% ROMI through native promotion on a retail platform: Danone and SberMarket case “Our service is focused on the needs of the client, and we want to provide everyone with the most comfortable conditions for the purchase and delivery of goods.

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Personal recommendations on the pages of our website help customers find what they need in a catalog with many SKUs, they are satisfied and come back to us again. On the one hand, each client receives up-to-date and relevant recommendations depending on the interest in the product category. And on the other hand, each brand represented by us has the opportunity USB Directory to contact the buyer directly, offering him his products. We are a platform where the brand and the end customer meet. When everyone is happy, our business metrics go up,” Ayana Babasanova, Head of Brand Solutions Commercial Department at SberMarket.